Thursday, March 14, 2019

Easy Tiramisu without mascarpone !


  • Ingredients :
  1. Boudoirs biscuits ( quantity depends on the used mold ).
  2. 04 jars of caramel custard .
  3. A glass of whipped cream ( crème chantilly ).
  4. Half a glass of cold milk
  5. A glass of coffee.
  6. Cocoa to decorate.
  •  Preparation :
- In a large bowl , mix with an electric mixer  : caramel custard, whipped cream and milk.
- Mix until thickened.
- Put the cream obtained in the fridge.
Put a thin layer of cream in the mold and then soak the biscuits in the coffee and place
them side by side as shown in the photo.
- Repeat the step by making layers: cream-biscuit-cream.
- Lightly powder the last layer of cream with cocoa to decorate.
- Put in the fridge for 24 hours .
Serve it with juice , coffee or with tea !
Enjoy it 😋😋

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