Sunday, March 3, 2019

Electronic Bullying

Causes of cyber bullying
The reasons that cause the bullying to start the attack on the other side of the Internet for a wide variety of reasons, including the following:

The deadly bullying feeling of wanting to control the other side.
Jealousy is one of the causes of online bullying.
Types of electronic bullying
The use of the identity of the victim through social networking sites and work to distort the public image is one of the types of Internet bullying.
Sending pictures and videos immoral to the party to bully it, is one of the worst types of bullying.
The bullying may steal personal accounts of the victim and use them for unacceptable purposes or use such accounts to intrude on his personal privacy.
The victim's bullying is electronic and threatens to harm and violate the sanctity of his personal life on the ground, such as his place of work or home and personal life.
Ways to get rid of the phenomenon of electronic bullying
Everyone should keep personal information and personal information out of the reach of everyone through social networking sites.
The victim must be more clear with those close to him and ask for help in getting rid of the problem.
Everyone should be familiar with the laws of the social media policy and be careful about how to prosecute the bully electronically.
The victim must not appear in a way that gives up his rights to the bully, or is weak and afraid of him. In this way, these electronic abuses can be stopped.
The victim must photograph the actions of the bully against them and send them to the security center to take the necessary action.

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