Thursday, March 14, 2019

Endometriosis, ever heard of it ?

   It is the existence in heterotopic situation of tissue foci having the histological and biological characteristics of the endometrium (outside the uterine cavity) . The constant sign of this affection is  pain during the period (2nd - 3rd day )

  Pain : the main symptom : 
The most common symptom of endometriosis is pain , painful periods ( dysmenorrhea ), pain during intercourse ( dyspareunia ), frequent pelvic pain , painful defecation , difficulty urinating ( dysuria ), lower back pain , abdominal , pelvic or lumbar pain that can radiate into the leg (cruralgia) ...
   This pain is not primary dysmenorrhea that goes away with paracetamol.
   This if often a debilitating pain resulting in total or partial incapacitation for a few days , or even, in the most several cases , permanent and requiring the use of pawerful analgesics ( even opiods ) .
   How is it ? : 

   Gynecological pain is THE most explicit symptom of endometriosis.
   It seems incomprehensible that patients suffering from pelvic pain since their  first menstrual period be diagnosed after six years on average.
   The pain of endometriosis can be continuous or ponctual , depending on the location of lesions and adhesions. Linked to the cycle, it is often more acute at the time of ovulation or menstruation.
   For some , it will be the inhability to lead a normal , professional , family and intimate life , whether for few days or permanently. For others, it will be the inhability to make a physical effort, whether to lift one's shopping bag  or simply stand up.

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