Saturday, March 16, 2019

Features and Disadvantages of a Caprice Car

Car Caprice is a car that can not be compared with other cars. It has a luxurious interior design, beauty and elegance, with great power to drive it to become one of the best cars around the world. Despite its wonderful exterior, there is magic and dazzling inside. To be said to be a pioneer among its peers, the Caprice first appeared on world markets in 1966, and has emerged from the car to date for more than six generations, produced in the United States and Canada by Chevrolet.

Caprice car features
Its 6-liter engine is eight-cylinder and has multiple outlets for fuel filling.
The power of the engine is 6000 cc, equivalent to 360 horsepower, and the motor torque is 530 Newton meters.
Its fuel consumption is 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers.
It is characterized by the electronic injection of fuel.
The maximum speed is 250 km / h.
The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in six seconds.
 Caprice car mass up to 1850 kg.
Features spacious, comfortable leather seats, head rests, fully comfortable arms and shaded glass.
It features a six-speed automatic transmission that has been carefully calibrated and features a rear-wheel drive.
Caprice offers integrated Bluetooth technology.
With rear alarm system, the system works with precision.
Features a 7-inch screen, touch screen.
The Caprice features a cruise control and climate control.
Features rear sensibilities that help the driver in the corner, and you can operate the Cabrice remotely.
Contains 17-inch aluminum wheels.
Contains an ABS system.
Caprice has an electronic brake distribution system.
The exterior design is distinctive and beautiful, and has a distinctive length that earns a lot of elegance.
The driver's seat can be electrically controlled, and the child seats can be installed in the rear seats.
Includes automatic headrests and six air bags.
Features automatic headlamps.
Features rear fog lamps.
Features a high-quality CD player.
Disadvantages of the Caprice
Low from the bottom, making it vulnerable to bumps and bumps in the streets.
The air conditioner does not cool enough when parking.
The car is not proven as its speed increases due to the low car.
The price of their original pieces is very high.

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