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Features and disadvantages of Nissan Sunny

Nissan is one of the leading companies in the automotive industry and has a great popularity in the Arab world and the Middle East in particular, in accordance with the specifications of the cars manufactured by the company with the needs of this market, and Sunny is one of the categories of cars offered by Nissan, , And as for its advantages and disadvantages, this is governed by the opinions of users.

Features and disadvantages of Nissan Sunny
There are some standards that can be relied upon, and the following are the most important features and disadvantages

Engine & Transmission

Sunny has a 1500cc engine with a capacity of 105 hp, which makes it a good torque and economical fuel economy.
When comparing its engine with some of the other engines in torque, the engine's faults appear.
Some users prefer high-power drives for use in various road forms.
The forgetfulness of Sunny is a manual and automatic transmission, which is what all companies offer, and the transmission does not suffer from any defects.

The car does not have any technical touches distinguish them from the rest of the cars, as the design is traditional and matches some other designs in more than one angle.
As for the body of the car it is made of relatively thin metal, which makes it weak and more prone to nuisance.
The inner room

An important feature of Sunny is that it has a spacious, comfortable room for passengers, easy to get in and out of, and the tabloid and dashboard design is simple and easy to handle.
The Nissan Sunny Room lacks an ashtray despite the existence of an electric lighter, and there is no woman inside the front passenger's umbrella.
On the front side there are four cup racks, although only two are needed.
Air Conditioning

This car has two additional rear airbags with a separate fan for better air distribution.
Many Sunny users complain of low cooling efficiency in the air conditioner when compared to other types of vehicles in the same class.

Nissan Sunny has an excellent suspension system that can maintain its balance, especially with full load.
But its light weight makes it more prone to glides.

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