Friday, March 1, 2019

How Bluetooth Works

Bluetooth technology, known as Bluetooth technology, has universal specifications and uses for connecting electronic devices. The function of this technology is to enable devices to exchange data and transfer information between them. The ownership of this technology is tracked by a group of interested people called Bluetooth Special Interest Group SIG, .

Bluetooth technology
Bluetooth technology is used in a wide format and global range, from connecting mobile devices to each other or connecting the computer to the mobile phone and the computer. The Bluetooth technology connects some audio devices and digital cameras to the personal computer and is used to connect the computer to some parts such as a keyboard, mouse, printer or scanner. , And the usual wiring can be removed. The TV, video player and receiver can be connected to each other and controlled by remote controls.

Bluetooth wireless connection idea
Bluetooth is a sophisticated technology that enables the delivery of electronic devices to each other as mentioned above. More than 1000 international companies have joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group to replace this technology with wires.
The Bluetooth device generates 2.45 GHz radio waves, and the value of this frequency has been agreed by the International Convention on the Use of Industrial, Scientific and Medical Devices (ISM). The Bluetooth device changes the frequency value used too many times up to 1600 times per second, which means that more devices can benefit from the specified radio spectrum and this constant change prevents the interference of frequencies and frequencies used.
When Bluetooth is paired between devices close to each other, it will determine whether there is data ready to share or if the first device controls the second device, and this process is done automatically without having to press any button or issue any command, Between the two devices, a certain wireless network is configured between the two devices. Bluetooth systems then create a personal network that can range from 1 to 1.5 meters. Interference with networks Other testicle may be present in the same place, and this full data is transferred completely smooth and safe.

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