Friday, March 1, 2019

How films are made

Photography is one of the most important human achievements that has helped to perpetuate the events through the process of visual documentation of realistic scenes. The process of photography began by inventing the camera that was working on taking photographs only, and the cameras in the past were very huge, and with the scientific and technological development, New cameras are now in use, and human beings can capture color and accurate images, in addition to live photography, which allows people to photograph scenes and videos, which paved the way for these types of cameras to start some of the photographic industries, Films, cinema, theatrical depictions, various sporting events, and the question now being asked how filmmaking is made.

Film industry
Film industry is one of the most important modern industries that has made a quantum leap in human life, in different aspects of life, and in many categories of human societies, contributing millions of dollars a year to filmmakers. , And achieve unparalleled fame reflected in the marketing and commercial aspects of these representatives, to return this fame to them positively through the income they earn from commercials, promotions of various goods, and benefit from the film industry specialized crews Which works to portray, design, produce and produce these films because of their pivotal role in presenting them in the final form of the scenes.

The films are composed of a written story that is transformed into a visual scene through a group of characters who perform specific roles. These characters perform these roles through the written texts that are based on this story. It may take several months to be filmed for a period of several months, and may be longer than one year or more, due to the need for these films to be accurate in the process of shooting, output and production, and may be repeated some scenes more than once to get the ideal scene sought by the Works on the industry As required movies.

Types of films
The films differ in terms of the idea and goals that the filmmakers seek to reach them, each type contains a different idea of ​​the main, which results in the existence of more than one type of films, in general, the most important types of films as follows:

Science fiction films: These are based on scientific information and turned into stories based on the fusion of science and imagination.
Romance films: those that deal with emotional stories, and events that take place in the context of human relations.
Combat films: The so-called action films, which deal with martial arts and some scenes that reflect the combat capabilities of actors, and their abilities in the use of different types of modern weapons.
Reality Films: These are based on some real-life events through which these films recreate realistic scenarios in dramatic fashion.
Literary films: These are the films that start from the masterpieces of world novels to transform the events of the novel into watch films.

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