Friday, March 1, 2019

How Google Adsense Works

Google Adsense is a Google software program that allows people to profit quickly from the content of a website, a way for web publishers to display Google Adsense ads that are appropriate and non-spam on their web pages and earn money through Google Adsense is a free program that combines pay-per-click and pay-per-click advertising, meaning that Google pays people for legitimate clicks on these ads on the site, and also pays for a certain impression on a site you can know from within A panel Control, and we'll show in this article how Google Adsense work.

How Google Adsense Works
A person must have a domain (not a free) site, and contain content that is not too small and is not duplicated at any other site to ensure acceptance.
A person must have a Gmail-type email, and this email must have been unregistered before.
Then go to the Google Adsense home page by visiting
Then click the "Sing Up Now" option.
You can change the language from the top of the page to any language you wish.
If you have created an account on Gmail, click on sign in.
If you do not create a Gmail account, click on the "Creat account" button.
Then fill in the fields you are required to fill out to create the account.
Then you need to add the link to your site that you created earlier.
You must then choose the language of your site content, then click the "continue" button.
After that you must complete filling in the data, add the state, and do not modify to anything else.
You should focus on filling in the required data so that you can receive the activation code and receive the profits.
Then write your name in English as this name is for the person who paid it.
Then write your correct address in detail in English so that you can receive the activation code by e-mail.
Then complete the rest of the data (Interrupt - your phone number - ZIP code - and how you know about Adsense).
Then click the Submit Subscription button until your order is sent.
Your initial approval and account opening will be through an email that will be sent to your mail.
Then take the ad code by accessing the (My ads) option and create an ad code and place it on the site.
The final approval for account opening is done through an email that you receive.

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