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How Hologram works

Science fiction movies
All scenes and interested in science fiction movies and others, which also show the irrational scenes of the reality of the physical and human life, standing in front of what is seen and follow scenes of court preparation and integrated creativity of the scene, which seems very realistic, but it is logical unrealistic! As if the viewer sees a human being among a group of blacks or dinosaurs, for example, or a flying person or whatever, and strange that such scenes are very clear and real and does not show the falsity of the composition of the images and the difference of the illumination of the poor, it is worth mentioning that such scenes using the technology Hologram Holography, He will be aware of the most important topics of hologram technology.

History of Hologram technology
In 1915, at the age of 15, Dennis Gabor became interested in electronic photography. Gabor was a Jewish Jew, so he was forced to move. With his family to Britain fleeing Nazi and religious racism practiced by Hitler and his followers on the Jews in particular, and there in England Gabor work at the British research laboratories - Thomson Houston, and was then trying to develop on the electron microscope to be able to see one atom and Gabor, by chance, discovered the features of his theory of the reconstruction of waveforms. This discovery was called the technique of hologram or holography, which came in its name from the two Greek words "hulu" meaning "all" and "grav" the message. 1)
Hologram and digital imaging technology
Talking about hologram technology, the principle of electronic or digital photography, which is currently common in professional cameras, mobile phones and other cameras, should be considered. The latter relies on the principle of shadow locking, ie dark and bright spots. The image is divided into many very small boxes called pixels pixels, and by sensor sensor, the electrical charges generated on each pixel are monitored by the collision of the photons, where the electrical charge varies on each pixel with different amount of light falling on it, after that the image is divided into a composite mosaic panel of pixels, Which is read by a sensor sensor based on the reading of the three basic colors: red, blue and green, to show the image taken in the closest model of the real picture, and a partial of the technology of the Hologram it, it is worth mentioning that the inclusion of the laser and its waves and interference and the patterns that result from it was the main factor in the revolution Technology in the world of photography, and the development of the concept of 3D imaging for the first time. 2)
To approximate the scene and to understand the idea of ​​overlapping waves, scientists are similar to the process of overlapping waves in the laser to form the image embodied by the technology of the hologram, the surface waves in a pond appear as a result of throwing one of a group of stones in this pool, where you will notice when throwing one stone form circular waves that can move away from The center of the wave, which is the place where the stone falls, and when another stone is cast its own waves on the surface of this pond, the two waves of the two are meeting at the peak of each of them; that is, the meeting of the two waves is a wave larger than the largest wave between them. It was A destructive encounter, ie, the peak of a wave with another rock, will produce a smaller wave than the smallest wave between them. If the person continues to throw stones in the pond, it will produce a complex network of interlocking waves similar to that of the technique with laser waves. 3)
The principle of hologram technology
A laser beam is dropped on a splitter. In order to divide the beam into two beams, the first part of the ray is mounted to a mirror installed in front of the photographic plate that will retain the reflected image. The mirror reverses these rays, referred to as Reference Beam, It is projected on the object to be photographed, to reflect this falling radiation from all parts of its surface to the photographic board, and these rays are called the body rays Objective Beam.

Now the photographic board has both the reference rays and the body rays, where there are problems of a complex pattern and a complex network of bright and dark spots, after which the photographic plate is developed, so that the image that was stored and photographed can be obtained by lighting this board During which the stereotype will appear as photographed. 4)
Applications of hologram technology
Because the Hologram technology can penetrate the three-dimensional depths and not only two-dimensional images, it can be used in situations where it is difficult to take the third dimension of the image and its depth, such as its use in aircraft to determine the atmospheric depressions. It can also be used in turbines by examining vibrations on the turbine blade, measuring its frequencies, analyzing them, forming a standard pattern and a three-dimensional image that reveals the faulty blades among the turbine blades. 5)
As noted in the introduction, this technique has been used to embody the images of the film heroes wherever the director chooses, whether among the animals or on the tops of the mountains or skyscrapers or even space and stars, to show a scene that simulates the reality of its clarity and quality and dry in its logic, which attracts followers To watch and enjoy what is going on in their imaginations and see a reality picture before their eyes.

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