Friday, March 1, 2019

How Hot Spot Works

HotSpot is one of the most powerful Internet security programs. It detects and blocks many hacking and theft programs. It also provides Internet security to keep your computer information hidden from others. It changes the address of the device called IP Address, and the title of the hotspot is open to the user to browse all the sites even blocked from them.

There are two versions of this program, the first is free and does not contain all the features of the program, and the other can be purchased with all the features of the program.

VPN property

This feature creates a private and virtual network between your computer and your Internet service provider, so that there is something like a security tunnel that prevents hackers and hackers from accessing and viewing personal information or information you browse, or any data you By sending them online.

The main features of the program

Protects personal information from theft while browsing the Internet using HTTPS encryption.

Block your IP address to maintain your privacy.

Provides access to all sites without being monitored by firewall programs.

Keep your computer away from intruders and hackers through WiFi networks.

The VPN feature works on wired and wireless networks.

HotSpot works on computers and Macs, and supports all new operating systems.

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