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How much time should you spend in sports?

Number of days of exercise
In fact, a large number of studies have been conducted on the length of time required to exercise in order to derive benefits. In a study conducted in Taiwan late last year, 15 minutes of intense and daily exercise were found to be sufficient to ward off health risks, Get a minimum level of fitness, assuming a constant daily activity and hobbies that require physical effort.
While some British public studies recommend that you exercise for 150 minutes a week and divide it daily by 21:30 minutes or 30 minutes five times a week while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider that we need 30 minutes of average sport per day for Obtain adequate prevention of diseases.
The disparity between these studies is due to the different nature of areas or the purpose of exercise. The study in Taiwan recommended fewer minutes because of the nature of life. Citizens are more active than European countries and use walking and cycling to travel more than The use of vehicles, if British research recommended more minutes, the modern nature of vehicles is the most common, and the recommendation of 150 minutes is a general recommendation for people for better health, and when the role of prevention of diseases, the institutions found during research That person needs 30 minutes Daily for the prevention of diseases.
And here comes your role in determining the category in which you belong in terms of activity, do you exercise some activities that require physical strength to be in the team of Taiwan, or that your life and your office work put you in the British team, but if your goal of the sport is healthy first In the third team.

Exercising daily for an hour contributes to weight loss
If you are thinking of exercising for a different purpose than you have already mentioned, meaning that you intend to use it for weight loss, the studies recommend 60 minutes of sport a day, and this figure does not come from space. 500 calories, not only that, but it activates the mechanism of burning (metabolism) for 14 hours after the completion of the sport, meaning that you will benefit from these minutes to burn more calories during which, and then, if you add about 250 price During the day, a total of 750 calories throughout the day, and the study says that exercise twice in the Ie once every Om 12 hours, the metabolism will keep in constant activity within 24 hours, so we were asleep and where the process of metabolism at its usually slower, which will make us lose a large amount of fat in a short period.
Some sports experts suggest that you should exercise six times a week for an hour a day to eliminate excess weight. Exercise for an hour a day helps build muscle mass healthy and burn lots of calories. To become a daily habit necessary for women, which helps them to maintain fitness after losing weight.
Exercise is two hours a day
Exercise two hours a day can improve your physical, mental and physical health more than once. It will burn fat and calories quickly, sweat out, activate brain cells, increase concentration, and maintain health. Heart and improve the psychological state and reduce tension and anxiety significantly.

Exercise at home
Exercise is one of the most recommended things for doctors around the world because of its positive health, psychological and physical effects, and can be practiced at home through a simple and useful exercise set by sports specialists on television, or you can find videos Online, home can be easily accessed.

Exercise after eating
It is good to exercise after eating, but it is best to wait for at least an hour after eating. Avoid immediately starting exercise, as it may be harmful to the body and public health, and should exercise light warm exercises such as stretching and lying down to prepare the body for exercise , And then exercise, and it is best to exercise exercises to help digestion and get rid of the feeling of weight and laziness.

Exercise during the menstrual cycle
There are still many myths about exercise during the menstrual cycle, but in general exercise during the menstrual cycle is useful, it reduces prostration and reduce pain, but if you feel really sick or have some contractions do not force yourself to exercise, Because then you need rest.

How many times should you exercise a week?
Walking is one of the most important exercises, which must be practiced continuously. This sport is very useful for the health of the heart and lungs, improves blood circulation, helps maintain fitness and agility by burning excess energy, so walking at a rate of 4 km / Between 200 - 250 calories per hour.

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