Friday, March 1, 2019

How to create a Twitter account

Twitter is one of the most prominent social networking sites in the world today, which can be used through the site or application on smart phones, where Twitter was created in 2006, but was not very popular until 2012, where the number of subscribers to about 100 million, Twitter does not have any fake accounts for celebrities. The site's policy is to verify the identity of the account creator before it is documented. Here's how to create a Twitter account.


1 way to create a twitter account
2 optional steps after creating a Twitter account
3 Fido about how to create a TUTER account
How to create a Twitter account
First you should visit Twitter online or download the application through your smartphone.
Then choose to create an account from the application or sign-up interface.
Registration requires four basic information, namely full name, e-mail, password and alias.
When entering an alias you must choose a name that does not exceed 14 characters, and does not contain any special characters other than letters and numbers.
The alias must be unique and not used by someone else.
Before clicking on Create account there are some options that the application gives to the user, which is to keep the account connected always, and show the Twitter icon in all sites in order to participate.
The user can do or disable these options, by keeping or removing the health signal from the boxes.
Optional steps after creating a Twitter account
After these steps, the account becomes ready for use, but there are some optional steps, which are as follows:

Insert the account picture
You can place an image of the account by clicking on the location of the blank image, and selecting any image from the phone or computer memory.

Follow the celebrities

After the account is created, Twitter automatically displays a group of celebrities, and at least five celebrities are required to follow them.
After choosing the first five, TUTTER shows another group of celebrities related to the five chosen, and five more are also required.
Follow friends
Twitter is required to access the list of names in the e-mail, and then begins a tension that displays people from the list of names who have accounts on Twitter.

Write a profile
The user can write a profile of his life or his character does not exceed 160 characters by clicking on the blank below the account picture.

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