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How to increase muscle mass

Muscle mass
Fat-free muscles are a concept that is related to the body mass. It is defined as the body's content from which fat is subtracted. Body mass is used to calculate basal metabolic rate. In the context of bodybuilding, muscle mass is acquired without the addition of fat or the remainder after elimination. Fat, also can be seen as the amount of muscle in the body away from the amount of fat, bone and other parts, and in this article will be introduced some ways that help increase muscle mass.

Increase muscle mass
When bodybuilders talk about increasing muscle mass, they seek to increase the amount of muscle in their bodies without getting fat at the same time, this can be a challenge, because the body tends to either add or break a mass, depending on whether the calorie consumption More calories than burned, the body stores excess calories not as a muscle but in the form of fat. 1)
Rules for increasing muscle mass in exercise
It is necessary to consult the specialists in the field of sports, trainers, physiotherapists and others who are familiar with the anatomy of the human body, and how its components are related to muscles, bones, tendons and others with each other. It is not always sound to rely on guessing in these things or perhaps the experience of some comrades, But must follow the correct advice for salvation to increase the muscle mass in the right manner, and the rules of sports that help increase muscle mass, as follows:

Exercise with heavy weights plays an important role in the ability to grow muscles, because the emphasis on heavy weight increases physical strength, the more power, the greater the possibility of using more weights to exercise, and can add more mass by increasing Total exercise capacity - the amount of weights used multiplied by the number of times the exercise was performed. 2)
Specific periods of rest: not falling back and taking breaks between exercises increases the risk of injury, so doing proper exercise ensures that the body - its muscles, tendons and ligaments - is ready to add more weight and that the body is stronger and free of injuries , And complete body exercises followed by a day of rest increases the muscle mass, showing that lifting the hard weights increases the protein synthesis for up to 48 hours after the exercise session directly, and says Michael Mejia, counselor of the site of Men's Health: "grow muscles when Rest, not when you pass N ". 3)
Weight variation in one exercise: The different muscle fibers respond differently to changes in the weights and the time spent under pressure, which helps to increase muscle mass and construction. 4)
Use the right positions Most of the time: From time to time, positions can be relaxed and a little cheated to ensure that the exercise can be repeated for a few times with heavy weights, but this approach best fits certain movements more than others. 5)
Targeting the largest number of muscles with less exercise: No benefit from the complexity of training By constantly changing exercises, the fastest way to increase the muscle mass required is to do a few exercises that target several muscles at once and raise more weights. 6)
If you are a beginner, exercise will be sufficient to increase protein synthesis, but in the case of experienced athletes for a long period of time, muscles will build faster if you focus on large muscle groups such as chest, back and legs. 7)
Rules of increase of muscle mass diet
Diet diets and exercise are both important in increasing the muscle mass in the correct and healthy rehab, so it is not possible to lean on one without the other, in addition to the need to choose the proper exercise, you must choose a healthy diet, and the rules of increasing the muscle mass diet food as follows:

Get enough carbohydrates and healthy fats
Protein is the most important nutrient, but all three macros - protein, fat and carbohydrates - must be present in the daily diet to increase muscle mass. For example, the quito diet is not suitable as a fuel for exercise or growth. Rice, potatoes, oats and fresh fruits, which help to fill the muscles with glycogen - the fuel needed for contractions - in addition to healthy fats, to maintain a good level of body hormones, and as the most efficient source of calories, Z 9 calories, compared to 4 calories per gram of protein or carbohydrate, which can be obtained from raw nuts full, eggs, salmon, avocado, olive oil and almond butter. 8)
Eat more calories than you burn
This may seem obvious, but when you try to gain muscle mass, it requires eating more calories to feed the body to be reached, and the best way is to find a eating strategy that makes it easier to eat more calories. Meals, or may mean eating large amounts during regular meals.

Sometimes you can use some simple tricks to add calories by adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil as Udo to meals or adding a few extra tablespoons of hazelnut butter. If you do not see any changes, You have to eat more, it's a simple idea from the outside, but it's a hard idea to do because it's not comfortable.

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