Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How to learn swimming

Swimming is an enjoyable sport. It depends on the movement of the person in the water, and the skill of the swimmer is measured by his speed in swimming and moving in water. There are many ways and positions that the swimmer can swim in. The competition is based on his speed and professionalism in swimming settings. Swimming is one of the most famous sporting events. There are regular and annual competitions and tournaments in the Olympic Games. Swimming is a great sport, although it is difficult. It is always advisable to swim continuously and we will teach how to swim in this article for those interested in this sport.

How to learn swimming
There are three ways to teach swimming: -

The person should learn to swim in a specialized center or swimming pool, where he will be given practical lessons and acquainted with the instructor's instructions and instructions, so that the trainee can learn, adhere to and work with them.
Swimming is taught in theory, and what is learned is applied in the swimming pool, provided that there is a trained or experienced trainer.
The trainee will throw himself in the sea or in a swimming pool directly, with his trainer to guide him and teach him movements that help him to stay in the water to avoid drowning.
Steps to learn to swim
The most important information that helps in how to learn how to swim: -

Eliminate fear once and for all. At the beginning of the learning, the trainee must not go alone, but must be accompanied by swimming, water and swimming in small pools so that he can touch the ground and control his body and get out of the water if he feels tired and tired.
Learn how to float in the water, by catching the edges of the swimming pool is located in the pool, and then raise his feet from the ground and allow it to float in the water.
Do not allow the fear to control the apprentice to swim, if the fear is controlled by him will not be able to float on the surface of the water, and will not be able to control his breathing, so he must relax so as not to exhaust his body.
Learning to dive is very important in reverse water buoyancy, all that requires of the trainee is to take the same deep and strong, diving under the water with the air out of his nose slowly, then return to the water surface directly.
Training the feet: by moving the feet alternately as a bicycle in the water, and the trainee can use the swimming pool to help him buoyancy, and to train the feet several ways, including the method of ballet dancer fun.
The art of dealing with water scientifically easier than dealing with the air, because of the density of water that helps in pushing and carrying the body, and help him not go down the body to a certain extent, if faced with exposure to drowning, just to extend his hands to the Imam and Frtjhma distance from each other, Works to increase body size, push it to float up the water safely and control.

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