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How to Make Italian Style Pizzas

This pizza will be closer to the ideal!

First of all, what distinguishes Italian pizza is actually the flour used, and the reason why it is important to use a certain flour is that it is the most important factor in making the pizza pizza crunchy and pores. The talk here is mainly about white flour known as "00" The flour is very soft. If this flour is not available, flour No. 1 can be used, but it is very important to have the dough well.

Salt, the Italians put too much salt on the pizza and in fact unhealthy amounts (some of which put 30 grams of salt for less than one kilo of flour), but what we found was that it could be only about 3 grams of salt per half kilo flour.

Yeast, in principle can add about one gram of yeast per half kilo flour. Oil, not essential, but a little can be added to the dough.

Sugar, a little can be added to help the fermentation process, but not necessary.

Secondly, the sauce should be as low water as possible so as not to knead the pizza (ie, so that the dough is not ripe under the sauce especially), and this can be done by heating the sauce well on low heat.

Finally, add a little olive oil over the pizza before placing it in the oven, which gives it a savory taste.

Ingredients of the dough
- 1 دقيق minutes or 1 minute;
- 900 ml water;
- 9 to 10 grams of salt; - 3 grams of yeast;
- 1 tablespoon olive oil (optional).

Authentic italian style pizza
Kneading method
First: In a large bowl put water and salt in it. Then add about one third of the amount of flour to the water. Then add the yeast and we may have a little water. We can add a little oil. We move ingredients well.

Second: Add the rest of the flour and move by hand or with a jerk. After we have a slightly sticky paste we have a good surface on the surface for 5 to 10 minutes (this is an important step).

Third: Cover the dough with nylon film or cloth and let it ferment for two hours.

Fourth: Before bread half an hour, cut the dough into pieces weighing 200 to 250 grams and cover them with nylon or cloth for half an hour.

The method of slavery
In the video below, we show how the dough is cooked in the style of pizza chefs, as follows:
- Press the ball of dough with a good hand.
- With the fingertips of the hands extend the dough from the inside out, so that the fingers push the dough from the edges.
- Hold on to the edge of the dough and wrap it a little bit and the dough hanging in the air, so that we lengthen and we do this movement.

Italian style pizza
Place the sauce For the sauce, put a large amount of it in the middle and move the spatula or scoop in a circular way until the dough is covered with the dough.

Ingredients of margarita pizza
Margarita is the simplest form of pizzeria, the most common pizza in Naples, the mother city of this pizza. Chefs often put a little pizza on the sauce and then fresh or dried mozzarella cheese followed by parmesan cheese or grated Padanu cheese, as well as green basil leaves.

Authentic italian style pizza
Bread method
The main and essential step to getting the perfect pizza at home is the bread. In short, the oven must be heated at the highest temperature available (home ovens are often less than 300 degrees Celsius). For the best result, the heat source in the oven should be from the top and bottom (often the electric ovens in this case). In this case we can place the oven on the heat position from above and below (not on the roast position). If the oven is not electrically heated, and the heat source is only from the top, there are several alternatives. Its main purpose is to ensure that the pizza dough is heated and roasted from the bottom:

1 - Marble: A piece of marble can be brought clean and placed at the bottom of the oven and let the oven work for a period so that the heat well and helps to roast the pizza from the bottom (roasting pizza from the bottom helps to fully mature so that the pizza is not peeled). In this case the pizza should be on the marble directly and not in the tray.

2 - Fried Frying Iron: Heat the fried well and put the dough on it before putting the sauce. In this case it is recommended to place a small amount of sauce, then put the rest of the ingredients and put the fried in the oven. It can be placed over a quiet gas fire at first until the pizza is slightly tucked from the bottom.

3 - ordinary tray: The Chinese can be placed on medium heat gas, and then put paste paste pizzas on them and put a little sauce, and then the rest of the ingredients, and when you get down from the bottom, move the pizza to the oven and bake.

Italian style pizza

How the sauce works
In short, we bring a packet of full-fledged tomatoes and hand them with a little oil, garlic and crushed herbs. After boiling for several minutes on medium heat, add half a kilo of mashed tomatoes (found in some supermarkets or tomato can be crushed in the house using the filter). Leave the mixture boiling over medium heat for 10 minutes, then heat the other for another 10 minutes so that tomatoes lose half the amount of water or more

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