Monday, March 4, 2019

How to prepare Italian-style lasagna

the ingredients
- 600 grams of cofta or minced meat;
- about 9 slices of lasagna;
- Pint puree tomatoes (purée);
- two large eggplant slices sliced;
- frying oil;
- Salt and black pepper;
- teaspoon paprika;
- chopped medium onion;
- two cups of mozzarella cheese;
Half a cup of parmesan cheese.

The way
First: Put eggplant slices in a little oil and put them in a tray in the oven until leveling.

Then add the kofta, salt, black pepper and paprika, and turn until the kofta is about to be leveled. Then add the tomato puree and make it boil over medium heat for a few minutes and then raise it.

Third: Boil the pieces of lasagna until the level, then the two halves of water and put them in a cold water pot until the cooking process stops.

Fourth: In a lasagna tray (porcelain or iron glass), put the lasagna slices. Then put a spoonful of kofta and spread it over the tray. Then spread a quarter of the cheese. (We will mix the parmesan and the mozzarella) and half the eggplant.

Fifth: Put another layer of lasagna, and return the ball again, as in the first layer. Sixth: add the rest of the kofta and cover it with the rest of the cheese, then put the mixture in an oven on medium heat leave the mixture is equal (you need about half an hour, Medium so as not to burn cheese).

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