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How to work for blackberry

How to work for blackberry
Blackberry is one of the most popular mobile phones in the Middle East, and BlackBerry differs in the use of the Internet from the usual phones, which we all know, those who want to buy BlackBerry packages from the telecommunications company from which bought the chip, and can not be used regular Internet And the use of applications loaded on the device only to purchase these packages, and the following is an explanation of how the software works for BlackBerry devices.

What do you need for software work for blackberry
BlackBerry device.
Blackberry Desktop Software, a program that can be obtained from the official BlackBerry site and this program we need to back up the BlackBerry on the computer.
App Loader This program can be obtained free of charge from the official BlackBerry site.
The software of the device to be worked by his software, and we can get it from the official website of BlackBerry from the list of support and choose the state and network and the model of the device used.
Workflow Software for BlackBerry
We run the PC and BlackBerry and connect them via the link.
We run the Blackberry Desktop Software and click on the Device icon at the top of the program.
We make a backup copy of the BlackBerry device, it is recommended when the backup Choose a copy of the custom and not for the entire files and the selection of telephone directory and files in the memo and any files are important only and intended to get a new software and a new device without problems from the old software.
We enter the computer and then access Drive C and then on the Program Files folder. Then we select the Common Files folder, enter the Research In Motion folder, enter the App Loader folder, and there is a file named Vendor that we delete and this step is very necessary.
In the same folder where we found the Vendor file there will be a file named Loader that we send a shortcut to it on the desktop for easy operation of the program.
After you back up, we close the Blackberry Desktop Software and open the App Loader program.
When you open the App Loader program we choose the following and then we have to set the file containing the new software for BlackBerry and then click on it, the program will read the mobile and download the software where the program will display the languages ​​available and choose the language desired from the list and at the bottom of the list of programs to be downloaded on Blackberry We will choose all our programs and we click on the following.
The program will choose us if we want to make a backup copy and since we have made a copy before we will choose No and press Next and after about half an hour the software will finish
Now we open the Blackberry Desktop Software and select above instead of the word "Device" as "Restore", where we restore old files that have been backed up.

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