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How to write a short story

History of the short story and its most famous
 The short story is not the result of this age, but it has an ancient history, as it has existed since ancient times, but it existed a little differently from the form it now has. It used to mimic stories from the Old Qur'an, such as the story of our master David, , And other stories that were listed in the councils and evening. But what has been achieved today by the teachers of the Arabic language that the short story old was carried through the preaching of more than this era, but it is because the old stories were dealing with the religious side or the elves of the legendary because life was simpler than our lives today in light of technological development, One of the main goals of the short story is to address the most important events that are now taking place in the time they are written. When talking about the pioneers of the short story we can talk about Edgar Allen Bo, one of the greatest pioneers of short story in the Western world, and this writer was famous for writing in this area in all its forms, and can also talk about a large group of other writers who managed to Writing short stories and who also contributed greatly to the development of this aspect, and some of them are Arabs and from the West as well.

Elements of the story The idea and the significance: It is the goal that the writer wants to communicate to the reader through the story, and can be said that the lesson learned from the story as we were learning in school.
 The event consists of a series of actions and events that take place throughout the story, which are arranged sequentially, and they all revolve around a specific topic. It is often about a conflict between the characters of the story, and the readiness of the event is verified by answering four questions: How do? Where? when? Why did the event take place? Node or plot: A series of consecutive events arranged causally, all revolve around the same subject, and it is characterized by the standard of attention at this moment.
 For the story and the characters: The writer always tries to choose the events of his story from the reality in which he lives, and some names on it, and features characters in the story of some dimensions, namely: Physical dimension: The author must describe the physical dimensions of the personality in the story, so that the vision and perception clearer to the reader.
The social dimension: The writer must describe the personality socially, by talking about how to deal with others in society, and talk about the circumstances in which he lives, because they are important to judge the personality.
Psychological dimension: in which the author describes the personality from the psychological point of view, ie in terms of behaviors, temperament of personality, calmness and introversion and other behaviors

 How to write a short story
The short story takes its name from its size, as its size is small, so it does not exceed twenty or thirty pages only, and the size of the story must be taken into account before it is called a short story. Short story writing steps There are some things you can follow to write a short story, steps that help you get a short story by all standards, as follows:
The writer must be familiar with many short stories, he should read many stories, he can make observations while reading the story, which the writer used in writing the story, and he can write down the steps that can be followed to get the way the story is written. To get a general idea of ​​the story, so it is possible to choose a subject, and when choosing the subject must be taken into account that it is possible to write in this subject, as there are some topics that the writer can not create a story, and the story must be a fantasy Writer.
 It is possible to write pen headers on the selected subject for writing, such as the characters that will represent the story, and the events can be written briefly.
 Starting with the introduction to the story, and then sequencing in order to obtain meaningful dialogue between the characters, and it is possible to write the dialogue in brief. Try to set a basic goal of the story, and build events on it.
 When writing the end, it is not necessary to put a happy ending, or even to write the end, since the writer can make the end is left to the reader. The writer must be well versed in language in literary and linguistic terms, as he must have a moral weight. Trying to stay away from unwanted behaviors in the community, and if they are mentioned or if the personality characterizes some of these behaviors, the reader should note that this behavior is wrong and is being implemented by society.

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