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Information about electric cars

Electric cars
Electric cars, which are power-driven cars, have been widely used, and many applications have been used to use the original car engine, which is based on delegations, and put an electric motor in place. This is the easiest way to switch from using petroleum to electricity , While at the same time preserving the components of the car and other parts, and the engine is provided with the energy needed by many special batteries that store electricity, and in this article we will mention information about electric cars.

Information about electric cars
Some mix between the electric car and the electric vehicle, but there is a difference between them, the first used to transport people, and the second used for industrial purposes and factories.
Its design is primarily based on the use of an electric motor and a powerful, rechargeable battery, provided it is lightweight and cheap.
It is characterized by keeping the environment from pollution compared to ordinary cars with internal combustion engines.
It started with its actual development in 2009. The cars were produced with a long range of batteries and heavy batteries at a high price. The battery capacity is about 6000 accumulators, and the type is a lithium ion battery, the same type of battery used for charging cellular phones.
The factories responsible for their production are seeking to make batteries cheaper so that the battery price is less than $ 20,000.
The range of experimental cars is less than 200 kilometers, so the production plants responsible for them to raise this distance.
Some of the batteries used have recharged about 300 thousand cycles, which means that the batteries of these cars are suitable to walk about 300 thousand kilometers.
Its innovative plants also seek to increase the distance per cycle of shipping and reduce the charging time, as the battery charge time is eight hours, so the car remains standing for the duration of the charge.
Governments are increasingly encouraging the importation of this type of vehicle, despite the many problems related to it, especially the need for high voltage, in addition to fear of ignition of the car when collided due to the weight of the heavy battery.
Best types of electric cars
BMW E3 is one of the best electric cars in the world, and the battery life is long, so getting it is a great idea.
Mitsubishi i-MiEV
Smart Fortwo Electric.
Tesla Rodster.
Renault ZOE
Golf e.
Nissan Leaf.
Volkswagen AG.

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