Sunday, March 3, 2019

Information about your IPIC browser

APIC is one of the most popular web browsers built on FireFox. This browser has many unique features. This browser is designed primarily for Indian users. They can watch live TV, movies, and many web applications. Such as the author, cricket results, and other applications, and through this browser can use many additions from FireFox, and has been added many important features and useful to him.

Information about your IPIC browser
One of the best and most popular browsers around the world.
It protects the user's search list, protects the browser, and prevents the intrusion of others. No one can track, know about, or disclose any page that has been opened from websites.
It is fast, private, secure and a fully free browser that can be downloaded without paying any fees or licenses to anyone.
One of the best and most powerful web browsers ever.
Has achieved a lot of record around the world, where millions of people around the world and from all continents.
Web sites can be browsed through them whether these sites are in the form of images or texts, and this is done very quickly.
All visited sites can be deleted, and search history can be completely deleted, which protects the privacy of users and prevents access to the sites from which they entered.
Prevents, blocks, blocks, blocks, and blocks ads and spam from users, and speeds up the Internet dramatically.
You can log on to another country's IP, or change IP.
You can browse the sites in a hidden way, by hiding the IP of the device you are browsing from, whether a computer or cellular phone, or a tablet.
Provides full protection for the computer used by the browser, protected from viruses and malicious advertisements, and attempts to penetrate and spy.
Resists all electronic attacks on the device during browsing with high efficiency.
Sends a notification to the user if the device is hacked, hacked or stolen by hackers or hackers.
It can be used in many international languages. It has many international languages, including Arabic, which makes it an excellent and easy to use international site.

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