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Information on Lake Spanga

Spanga is located in the Turkish city of Spanga, in the province of Skaria, which separates the city of ─░zmit and Istanbul. It is about 135 km from Istanbul. Its depth is approximately 52 meters, with a total area of ​​45 km. The lake path is a parallel line With Lake Iznik emerging as a result of morphological drilling, Lake Spanga is the charming bridge between eastern and western Turkey.

Information on Lake Spanga
Spanga Lake is one of the largest lakes in Istanbul.
The lake is characterized by the sweetness and luster of its distinctive waters and its refreshing landscape.
It has spectacular nature, landscapes and the amazing birdshooting sounds that attract local and foreign tourists.
Spanga has an enormous animal wealth, with bird species classified as the world's strangest birds.
There are forest animals such as elephants, giraffes and monkeys.
There is a bird park about 35 km from Istanbul, which attracts tourists and visitors, especially Arab tourists and their families.
Surrounded by high mountains and magnificent views, and forests extended green-tiled.
The lake grew beautiful after the establishment of the Turkish state cable car stretching from the top of Mount Kartba down.
The height of this mountain is about 1650 meters, with a magnificent view of the lake, which helped to revive and revitalize the tourism movement. Some tourists prefer to venture up the summit of the mountain on foot.
Mount Kartaba is a very important tourist destination in Spanga Lake.
The mountain is covered with snow, it is a destination for lovers and skiers.
After the winter season, the snow becomes melting green, the flowers are different colors and the splendor of the beautiful nature, which brings comfort and open air.
Spanga Lake is rich in 25 large waterfalls.
The most important of which are the Spanga Falls, which claim to be enchanted by its charm and beauty.
The distance between the waterfalls and Lake Spanga is about 20 km, to be the wonderful rural nature with the sounds of fresh waterfalls from the highest mountain peaks.
Lake Spanga is known for its enormous fish wealth, variety of species and varieties. These famous fish (Angora Watch, Silver, Eel, Denis, European Shob, Black Sea Shrimp, Carp).
One of the most famous species of Lake Spanga is the delicious carp.
The Turkish Government is interested in providing tourist services to visitors, such as the famous luxury tourist hotels including the Richmond Spanga Hotel and the Coral Spanga Hotel.
The Turkish government has set up several restaurants catering to the needs and tastes of the general tourists of the lake.
One of the most popular restaurants is the restaurant (Al Osamali), which is distinguished by its delicious meals, which consists of an old hut built about 150 years ago.
How to reach Lake Spanga
The touristic offices have helped organize group tours with buses or metro stations, with an estimated time of one hour between Spanga Lake and Istanbul.
The tourist can rent a private vehicle so that he can go to the lake.
Haidar Pasha Station is known for its direct train to Lake Spanga.
The municipality of Spanga, represented by Sabd and Uzgan Yavuz, supported the tourism sector and facilitated the Lake of Spanga, working on the establishment and passage of the railway station to reduce the time and facilitate the arrival of foreign tourists, Arabs and local visitors.

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