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Information on the Mississippi River

The largest river in the world
Water flows over the surface of the globe to occupy 74% of the total land area. Water is distributed among water bodies that vary between seas, oceans, rivers and springs. These waters often come from rain and snow. Many rivers spread around the world. The history of the world is shaped by the fact that most of the ancient states are formed on the banks of rivers. It may be that the river is just a short space that may end in a few kilometers. This may apply to some species, but there are rivers that are considered the longest in the world, including the Mississippi River and the Congo. About the Mississippi River J this article.

The Mississippi River
The Mississippi River is the fourth longest river in the world, with a length of more than 3,780 km². The total area of ​​the Mississippi River is 3.238.000 km 2. In addition, the river is the longest in the United States of America, With the country's second longest river, the Missouri River, to form an integrated river system of 6270 km. The name suggests that it is descended from the Native American language, meaning the Great River, and bears the title of the River of the Old Man.

Source of the Mississippi River
The river is located in the northeastern part of the United States of America. The river shares a number of borders with the states that pass through its territory, including Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, etc. The Mississippi River is the tenth largest river in size from the northwestern part of the United States, Crossing the territory of the United States mentioned above, and eventually in the Gulf of Mexico after a distance of up to 3730 km, and in terms of depth varies between 2-30 meters, and the maximum width reaches when he reached the territory of the city of Cairo, Illinois, reaching up to 1350 M, and kneeling River nature into 3 sections, the Upper Mississippi and continues since the first point it stems down to the Missouri River to start after the middle section where he will meet with the Ohio River, and the third section which is the bottom of the river shall be when it reaches the Gulf of Mexico to the mouth.

History of the Mississippi River
The Mississippi River dates back to the beginning of the modern ice age, more than two millennia at a time. Glaciers were more than half of the northern hemisphere, and this river began to form along with the rest of the world's largest rivers at the melting of the ice. Was first discovered in 1541 by the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto.

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