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Information on the scream plate

Scream plate
The Scream plate is a name for four copies of the same painting painted by the Norwegian artist Edward Munch from 1893 to 1910. The artist used different techniques in drawing these paintings. The painting includes a picture of a non-specific screaming man who can not be judged if he is a man Mother of a woman, this man stands on a wooden bridge and there are two people behind and the sky appears in orange.

What is the original name of the cry board
The cry was not the original name of the painting, since the Norwegian artist called it the cry of nature, and because of the Norwegian translation became known as cry or cry, this painting was studied by some critics and writers to know what crosses, and there were different opinions Where some believe that they express suicide, and others believed to reflect the images of the mummy, but through the artist Edward on the painting poem has written on one of the four versions of the frames, and includes the poem description of the scene of the painting and beyond, and reflect the human condition that Inside the painting, he felt so depressed that he felt that nature was screaming.

Place the scream plate
The four copies of the Scream plate are in different regions. The first version is in the National Museum in Oslo, the capital of Norway, while another copy is in the Munch Museum in Oslo. One copy was sold in 2012 for $ 120 million, It should be noted that there is a fifth version of this painting, but it is not painted, but a printed version printed in the old ways before the invention of printers.

Stealing the Scream plate
The first theft of this painting was in 1994, on the eve of the opening of the Olympic Games in Asolo, where the National Museum of China stormed and stole the painting easily and left the plotters to note the place of the painting saying "Thank you for the weakness of the security apparatus", but was restored Painting during about four months after its theft.

The painting was stolen for the second time in 2004, but this time the painting in the Munch museum was stolen in broad daylight. The museum broke into armed men and stole the scream plate and another painting called Madonna. The painting remained missing for two years before the city police They found it without any explanation about the details of the theft and finding the painting.

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