Thursday, March 14, 2019

Is paracetamol safe?

                                                        Paracetamol ? is it 100% safe ? 

Above 4 grams per day, paracetamol may be toxic to the liver. But even below these doses, this analgesic could have other worrying side effects to people who consume it on a regular basis. British researchers have searched the scientific literature for information on possible side effects of this molecule. Only eight studies had sufficiently rich data to be analyzed. The authors note, however, that large paracetamol users often have medical problems that require other medications. The data collected could therefore be less correlated with paracetamol itself than with these other substances.

    Commentators have already pointed out that the results presented "are not specific to paracetamol", and seem to be shared with other analgesics such as ibuprofen. Uncertainties related to the effect of these drugs in the appearance of the mentioned disorders encourage us to remain cautious.

    However, the authors of the study believe that the risk associated with prescribing paracetamol is currently underestimated by clinicians. They therefore plead "so that the risks of adverse effects [associated with it] are better taken into account" in the calculation of the benefit / risk ratio during prescriptions.
More generally, "given the high use [of paracetamol] and the fact that it can be obtained without prescription", it would be justified for them to examine individually, "and systematically", its effectiveness and its good tolerance.

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