Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Know more about anemia


  • About Anemia :
 It is defined by the a decrease in the number of red blood cells and hemoblobin.
 We should know that the synthesis of red blood cells requires 03 elements:
       - iron
       - anti-pernicious factors namely vitamins B9 and B12
  Thus , the reduction in the number of red blood cells is due either to a deficiency of iron or to a deficiency of the anti-pernicious factors  or to the deficiency of both. 
( Ps : The life of the red blood cells is 120 days. Physiologically , there is a balance between their synthesis (erythropoiesis) and their destruction (hemolysis) . Anemia results from an imbalance between erythropoiesis and  hemolysis  )
   These deficiencies ( iron/B9/B12 ) will give us red blood cells of a bad quality that will not survive enough to maintain the balance between synthesis and destruction.

  we will be talking here about  anemia due to a synthesis disorder i.e “erythropoiesis“:
·  cause of deficiency anemia :

1.   Iron deficiency anemia  :  is the most common, it is due to :
 - Lack of iron intake (pregnancy , breastfeeding … )
 -  Excessive losses (chronic haemorrhage)
 - Malabsorption (celiac disease, gastrectomy ...)

2.  Antipernicious anemia factor :

         · B9 deficiency: caused by:
              - lack of intake (malnutrition , chronic alcoholism ...)
              - increased needs (pregnancy , twin pregnancy , breastfeeding ...)
              - digestive malabsorption
              - lack of use ( 'methotrexate' antagonist medications of B9 )
  • B12 deficiency : caused by :

             - digestive malabsorption (Biermer's disease, Crohn's disease ... )
             - congenital deficiency ( transcobalamin deficiency ...)

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