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Protein damage to body mass

Creatine is a substance based on building a large muscle mass in the body without any increase in the proportion of fat, which is also a substance released by the body in normal condition.
Whey is a substance extracted from natural milk and also contains nutrients that are easily digestible.
Glutamine is a substance that helps stimulate growth hormones in the human body. This substance is one of the sources of energy and works to strengthen immunity. It also develops the metabolism of protein, according to scientific studies that benefit only bodybuilders who are deficient in the diet.
Protein Benefits of Bodybuilding
It protects the body from diseases.
It revitalizes the body and provides energy and activity.
Works on hair nourishment and the prevention of precipitation.
Protect your body from osteoporosis.
Strengthens teeth and protects them from damage.
It stimulates growth hormone in the body.
Elements containing natural protein
Protein is present in many of the nutrients we eat in our lives, including:

Milk, cheese and milk.
fruits and vegetables.
All kinds of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews and peanuts.
Fish, poultry and meat because they contain proteins significantly.
Legumes such as beans, lentils, peas, soybeans, chickpeas, beans and other pulses.
Protein damage to body mass
Protein has to be damaged and has many benefits. This damage is caused by a large proportion of a protein.

If you eat a large amount of protein leads to weight gain in an undesirable way because of the high proportion of calories in many proteins.
The feeling of psychological discomfort and constant anxiety about eating protein powder.
The possibility of diseases of pressure and heart because the protein works to increase the proportion of cholesterol, which leads to the incidence of many diseases.
Leading to gout because of a large proportion of fish and meat.
How to prevent the damage of protein

Take into account the proportion of calories in the protein.
Take advice from a specialist in this area to avoid any damage.
Increase awareness among young people of excess protein damage in the body.

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