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Reasons for taking a lung sample

Take a sample of the lung
A pulmonary biopsy is performed by removing a small part of the pulmonary tissue to be examined closely under the microscope by the pathologist, who can determine the nature of the tissue and whether it is cancerous or healthy. The sample may be taken using a bronchoscope, It is a tubular instrument equipped with a light source that is inserted through the trachea to the trachea and then to the required lung. The sample can also be taken by needle through the chest wall or by the fine needle directed at the video or by the open biopsy. The surgeon performs a surgical incision between Ribs and removes part of the tissue Pneumonia. 1)
Reasons for taking a lung sample
A lung sample is usually required to detect an abnormality on the CXR or CT. The aim of a lung biopsy is to obtain as accurate a diagnosis as possible, so it is possible that lung biopsy may be required to detect it What follows: 2)
Identification of malignancy - or safety - mass detected in the lung in the above-mentioned imaging methods.
Determination of the degree of pre-diagnosed lung cancer malignancy.
Monitor the development of lung cancer.
Determine the cause of inflammation in the lung.
Determine the cause of fluid pooling within the lung.
Diagnosis of pulmonary sepsis.
A lung biopsy may be performed alone as a diagnostic test or various tests may be carried out to reach the most appropriate diagnosis. These tests include the following:

Bronchoscopy, has been discussed previously.
The surgical procedure, which includes the surgical incision in the chest wall, and the introduction of a specific telescope through which the doctor can see the tissue of the lymph nodes Almnfip to examine and detect the transmission of the contact.
Preparation for lung sampling
Depending on the type of biopsy performed, the doctor usually tells the patient about the directions for his condition. In some types of lung biopsy, the doctor may ask the patient to fast several hours before the operation, and the doctor who will be biased Be aware of the medication that the patient is taking on a permanent basis and should guide the patient about the need to stop a medication.

If the patient is pregnant, she should undergo specific types of pulmonary biopsy, which include keeping the patient away from the radiation fields that can be applied to the location of the pinhole accurately. Therefore, the doctor should be informed of all special cases.

The patient must prepare the procedures after the biopsy, such as taking with him the facilities of the family or friends to be delivered to the house after the completion of the procedure, especially when the procedure includes general anesthesia. 3)

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