Sunday, March 3, 2019

Secrets of the Google Chrome browser

Google Browser
Google Chrome is not only an Internet browser, but it can be a browser for many of your computer's information, or the server that you connect to the Internet. To make sure of this, simply paste the following commands into the address bar and you will see the result yourself:

Some of the secrets of Google Chrome web browser
"About: version": This will show some details about the chrome version on your computer, the version of Java, Flash, operating system and so on.

"About: plugins": This command will display all the plugins available on Chrome, and you can also turn off any of them, or update them as you wish through this page, such as triggers and Flash.

"About: cache": This command will give you information about the cache cache.

"About: memory": If you use this command, you will see information about the device memory, as well as the space used in all the Internet browsers that are running on the device at the moment of execution.

"About: stats": In this page you will get some information about the settings and clocks that work inside the chrome.

"About: histograms": This command displays some coding diagrams, and some internal metrics for Chrome.

"About: dns": This command will show a full and complete description of the DNS "domain name server" which shows each address you type on the browser and the corresponding IP address "IP address".

"About: network": This command is for network information.

"About: crash": When you add this command to the Chrome browser title bar, you will break this page yourself.

"About: hang": This command adds nothing to the fun or trick you will use against others. When you type this in the title bar, this page will remain open, but it will not receive any of you whether to enter a new address, Link or button inside the page.

Some of these commands may be useful to the general public, some of which are of importance to those who are competent, but do not mind trying them for fun.

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