Friday, March 22, 2019

Sports that fit the teen

Sports that fit the teen
All types of sports are generally beneficial to the human body, whether it is a teenager, a child or an old age. However, there are some aspects that the adolescent needs most in exercising. Exercise is not limited to the physical benefit of adolescents. A source for the formation of friendships and social relations and to enhance self-confidence and appreciation of teamwork, and can not one sport to provide all these aspects of the teenager, where you can choose the type of sport appropriate to develop one aspect of the personality and the following are some types of sports and their impact on the body and personality teenager.

Collective sports
Collective sports include football, basketball, hockey and handball. These types of sports require continuous running on the playground and thus increase the fitness and physical fitness of the teenager. It also helps maintain the health of the heart, arteries and respiratory system, On the personal level, these sports allow the adolescent a large group of members of the community to form friendships and help him to understand and appreciate the value of teamwork, as success in these sports requires the effort of the whole team and does not depend on the individual effort.

Individual sports
One of the most important individual sports that teenagers can practice is swimming, tennis, martial arts and golf. These sports are slightly different from those of the collective, some of which may not require much physical effort while others depend only on individual physical exertion, For these sports it helps the teenager to develop a sense of self-confidence when it achieves success and also motivates it to rely on itself, because the teenager finds himself alone during the sporting confrontations and can not achieve success through his individual effort.

The general benefits offered by sport to the teenager
One of the great benefits of all kinds of sport for a teenager is to get rid of stress and stress, as sports help to relieve anger and improve mood.

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