Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Stop sports when you feel these pains

Aches when exercising
It is very normal to feel some aches when exercising, but are all aches similar, in their forms, and degree of severity? Many people who do some sports suffer from severe pain, some may overlook it, thinking of it as a transient muscle strain or a normal soreness due to late exercise, but neglect and indifference can make it worse, leading to injuries Deep, the effect of long-term, so it is advised to stop the sport when feeling the pains that we will mention in this article.

Stop sports when you feel these pains
Cracking wrists
Hearing a crackling of the wrist when exercising hand muscles, feeling unbearable pains when rotated, and continuing to perform the exercise, results in a twisting of the wrist or a rupture of the muscle tendon due to the concentration of the entire portable weight around the wrist.

Knee pain
These pains may occur as a result of the wrong practice of cycling, which increases the risk of fracture or pulling in the hamstring. This should be avoided by keeping away from standing when driving a bicycle, or making sure that the seat is elevated with the bike in a way that keeps the knees Appropriate.

The pain is sudden
When you experience some sudden pain during exercise, such as low back pain, or lower muscle, it should be taken into consideration and treated, so that it does not get worse and leads to serious injuries, such as a disc.

Neck pain
The result of exposure to great pressure, when exercising, which affect the neck, increase the severity of the injury, and requires the patient to wear the corset on the neck permanently, to get rid of the pain.

Acacia pains
Some severe aerobic exercise such as tennis, etc., may lead to recurrent pains in the elbows, knees, neck and back. Heavy weights in exercise also expose the elk to many risks, directly affecting them.

Get out of control
By playing dangerous sports, such as climbing and jumping, whether by ropes or by bicycle, all these games affect muscles and organs, and increase the possibility of violent injury, so it is advised to stay away from them and control the movements of each individual.

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