Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Thailand is the best tourist destination in the world

The Kingdom of Thailand is one of the most visited countries in South-East Asia. It has a strong and well-educated culture, stunning beaches, amazing islands, good people and excellent food and tropical food.

Thailand is bordered by other beautiful Asian countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar, making it an excellent tourist destination through which to travel in East Asia. The country has a population of more than 66 million, formerly known as Siam.

Its climate is tropical but varied in different areas and is divided into three basic seasons: warm, cold and rain. The country is known for its large and modest food at the same time, its special and innovative, and is famous for its tropical fruits, especially the national fruit periodic with bananas and manga.

The people of Thailand are polite, very nice, joking, but moderate in temper and extreme in laughter or overreaction. It is also a conservative society, in contrast to the reputation that the state has adopted in this context. It is also a tolerant and living people with different cultures, religions, nationalities and minorities, but can not tolerate any Buddha, Buddhist religion or the king.

The beaches of Thailand are wonderful and famous all over the world. Relax, snorkel, swim or stroll along the beautiful white sand for hours. If you want to diversify, you will have forests, plains and plateaus.

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