Thursday, March 14, 2019

the cheapest country in the world

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Armenia, is a hidden country among all Asian countries. Many of you have never heard the name or don’t know the exact place of Armenia on the map. But even That You will wish if you can travel to This beautiful country Right now.

Where to Stay
Average prices of hotels in Yerevan start from 20 $ per night. Hostels and guest houses start from 10$.It depends on the location of the properties, if it is right in the center the cost is higher than others.
Taxies are cheaper than in Europe, and the USA. Normal tariff is 600.00 AMD (first 5 km) - 1.24 USD, then every 1 km is 100 dram. If you sit taxi and check the cost on taximeter, no one can ask you to pay more. Besides that, we have taxi apps like GG or Yandex which are cheaper and safer. So you can use them.
Besides that public transport is also a convenient way to move around the city. But I will recommend you to catch only buses, not marshrutkas (if you’re not used to them). Both of them cost 100 dram - 0.20 USD
Metro also costs 100 dram - 0.20 USD and it is faster and out of city’s heavy traffic.
Food is also cheap, of course if you’re not eating in a luxurious restaurant. You can have dinner with 10 $. Besides that we have many food courts with tasty dishes, so you can save money on eating, meantime trying best Armenian dishes.
Fruit prices are lower but they all are organic, so try Armenian fruits if you happen to be here. These were the costs of Yerevan, outside of the capital the prices get lower.

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