Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The importance of sports

The importance of sports
Sport is the expression of life, activity and vitality. The person who exercises sport in his life is the person who is best able to express the spirit of life, which is dynamic and dynamic, but by practicing sport he fulfills the purposes of life and its goals that require effort and activity.
The sport is the means to get a healthy body and it is also a way to get rid of diseases. The person who exercises sport can reach a strong harmonious body, and the exercise can protect his body from diseases, especially obesity, which is the cause of other diseases such as diabetes and sliding Cartilage, and therefore the human being to be keen on sports because of the great benefits of the health of the body.
Sports has strengthened the positive aspects in the same exercise and away from the negative aspects. Many studies have proven the role of exercise in improving the mental health of the human being and promote the positive spirit, as the person in the exercise of the sport produces certain hormones that provide comfort and happiness.
Sports are a way to build constructive social relationships with people and promote the meanings of affection and familiarity between them. Many sports are practiced collectively, such as football, basketball and others. These sports require the person to meet with others in the team and thus build human relations with them. Man also strengthens his personality and gives him confidence.

The sport of competition between the players, many sports meet with a team of opponents and each team to win the title and win the competition and this raises the spirit of challenge between the players and raise morale and sharpen their minds constantly towards the goal and recognition of the desired win.

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