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The most prominent types of bacteria

About bacteria
Bacteria are one microorganism, consisting of a single cell, several micrometers long. It is one of the first living organisms to appear on Earth, the most widespread. Are called "cluster microorganisms" when they are present in the human body or organism in the form of clusters, or "nodules" when they are present within the human body or living organism in the form of a contract. Bacteria live in many environments, such as soil, water, radioactive waste, and animal and plant bodies. In this article we will identify the most prominent types of bacteria.

The most prominent types of bacteria
Bacteria can be classified into the following species:

Self-feeding bacteria
You get their food by dissolving compounds and inorganic elements.
They can be classified into two types, self-feeding bacteria, self-feeding bacteria.
Non-self-feeding bacteria
You get their food either through the anaerobic breathing process (fermentation), which is the decomposition of chemical compounds, such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins chemically. Or by breathing the antenna, the process of using oxygen directly for energy and food.
Aerobic bacteria
Get their food by having an adequate amount of oxygen, which is a key factor in the production of metabolism, and energy production of food and necessary to live bacteria.
Anaerobic bacteria
Oxygen is a toxic and deadly substance.
She gets her diet mainly by doing anaerobic breathing.
Anaerobic bacteria are optional
They can live in environments that contain oxygen, as well as environments that are free of it.
Bacterial bacteria
It grows and exists in many places of the human body, such as: the fatty surface of the skin, hair follicle.
They multiply and get their food through the secretions produced by the skin to maintain their moisture, such as fats, oils.
Its negative effects on the human skin: works to block the pores of the skin, contribute to the appearance of pimples and acne.
Forms of bacteria
Bacteria are found in several forms:

Spherical or so-called Cocci: the most simple forms of bacteria.
Bacteria in the form of the penis: called bacteria in the presence of this form Bacilli bacteria (Bacilli), and sometimes these bacteria in the form of curved, in this case called Vibrio.
Spirilla Spirilla is called Spirochetes when the lap or tuck in bacteria is very small.
Places to live bacteria
Bacteria can live in different environments, despite the different conditions surrounding them.

Fountains of hot water.
Sulfur water springs.
Residues of radioactive materials.
At different depths of lakes, seas, and oceans.
polar regions.
Stratosphere, a layer of the atmosphere.

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