Monday, March 4, 2019

The way the entrees served canapé cheese and vegetables in an easy way

Fast and easy recipe will not need a lot of your time and get a high-value recipe and the recipe contains cheese rich in vitamins and minerals that strengthen bones and teeth and also contains kiwi, which contains vitamin C, which works to moisturize the skin. Try it and take it easy
Ingredients: How to make canapes, canapes, cheese and vegetables in an easy way
Cutaway kiwi
9 cherry tomatoes
A cup of wrapped paper
A piece of Kashkawan cheese
A piece of cheddar cheese
Two pieces of soft bread
Wood sticks
How to make appetizers Canapé cheese and vegetables in an easy way
1 - cut bread and cheese in any way you like
2. Cut the kiwi slices
3. Put one piece of bread, cheese, cabbage, kiwi and cherry tomatoes in the wood stick
4. Repeat in the same order in other wooden hands

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