Friday, March 22, 2019

Tips for Organizing Exercise

Playing sports
This may be the exercise you do every day, the most valuable gift to your body, which needs to ensure the health and safety, but the practice of random may be a curse on our bodies, and does not mean organizing the sport and move away from random in its practice necessarily resort to the trainers or Sports clubs, but you can have good and healthy sports yourself and without help, so read the following:

How do you judge that your exercise is wrong or harmful?
If your exercise is very difficult, this type of sport will hurt your muscles and your body tissues in general, and you will lose your enjoyment of the sport, and you will not continue to practice it for long if it is this way, even if you are convinced that you will continue in the first stage.
Sports is very easy, as it is not called sport, it will not reach your body to the point of interest, and will be like any other activity, because sports must make a chemical difference in your body to be useful, and easy sport will not reach you to it.
Over-training, excessive exercise is harmful to health, as it has the same effect as hard sports, from excessive pressure on muscles, joints and tissues.
Start with strong exercises directly, and this is random, as starting strongly leads to the consumption of a large amount of energy in the first minutes of exercise, which will prevent you from completing exercises because of stress.
The sport is meant to be a daily habit, not to expose you to pain and injury. Injuries may prevent you from exercising for a while or exercising. You feel pain and this is not acceptable.
How do you judge that your exercise is beneficial and healthy?
If the sport is moderate, that is not so difficult to be harmful, and not so easy that you do not need the effort to do it.
If safe exercises do not endanger you, be in appropriate places, using appropriate tools.
Healthy sports are those that start to warm up and increase the difficulty gradually, it means that you will continue to sport until the end of the time for exercise.
Choosing a suitable and consistent timing for exercise will turn it into a daily routine, reducing the randomness of its practice, postponing it from time to time, and dispensing with it most of the time.
Determine a fixed time period for the sport, preferably from 45 minutes to an hour.
The natural tendency for stress is to start with a little stress, increase in the middle of the exercise period, and then your muscles will relax and your body to a lower stress level, ensuring that your body cells are active, the first stage will be preliminary, and the second will interact with the cells and motivate them to move. From laziness to action, and the third in which the cells will be active so that this exercise, which was performed and which was exhausted in the previous stage, became normal due to muscle expansion and cell activity.
Do not stop the exercise suddenly, you should gradually reduce the intensity of the exercise.

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