Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tips to follow when starting a sport

Tips to follow when starting a sport
Exercise a day: seven days a week if possible, it is important for beginners to turn out to be normal for them and exercise daily, even for a little time helps shift to format according to the famous trainer Liz Nebournet in New York.
To achieve the best result, according to Nebournnet, the individual should not exhaust himself with the exercise, but accept it vigorously at least 30 minutes a day in the early stages of the cardio heart movement, which will strengthen the body over the months The first three even reach the apprentice to become part of his daily habits

Be comfortable: no pressure on yourself and more stress. No matter how quick you are to lose weight and do not see any tangible results in the first few weeks do not become nervous and lose confidence.
The beginners are the most vulnerable to this muff, what you need is to concentrate and practice different activities to suit you too much running or carrying heavy weights will not connect you to your destination unless you are comfortable and positive.
According to fitness expert and personal trainer Baroudi at the Trainers Center, engaging in exercise as a daily activity, especially for beginners, requires the individual to take into account his health and physical condition, fitness and sports determined by an expert athlete and consult the doctor to know the intensity required in the exercise So as not to be stressed.

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