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Tourism in Argentina

The Argentine Republic is located on the South American continent and covers an area of ​​2,780,400 km2. It is the eighth largest country in the world, but it is the first among Spanish-speaking countries. Argentina shares borders with Chile from the west and south, while bordering the north Paraguay and Bolivia, and comes from the north-eastern state of Uruguay, and statistical data of the population that the population of Argentina exceeded 41,281,631 people according to the statistics of 2011, and take from the city of Buenos Aires capital, and the tourism sector is relatively prosperous, and in this An article will talk about tourism in Argentina.

Economy of Argentina
The Republic has an advanced economy, ranking third among the economies of the major countries in Latin America, and fifth in terms of nominal per capita GDP in Latin America. It is classified as above average and fourth in the southern hemisphere, It is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and is included in the list of Group 15 and Group 20 of the largest economies, so it is said to be an officially recognized force and a central force as well.

Tourism in Argentina
According to statistical information provided by the World Tourism System, Argentina is the most visited country in South America after the Mexican state, attracting 8 million tourists in 2011. Thanks to the vastness of tourism, the diversity of climate in different regions, nature Not only that, but the diversity of cultures over their territory has contributed to the influx of tourists from all over the world.

Tourist places in Argentina
Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and more are among the most popular tourist destinations in Argentina. Among the European countries are tourists from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Britain and Switzerland.

Buenos Aires: Known as "Paris in the Southern Hemisphere", this title comes from its architecture and cultural activities.

Iguazu Falls: Iguazu Falls flow into the northeastern part of the subtropical jungle and are of great importance in the country. One of the most attractive places for tourism in the region is the Devil's Grotto.

The city of Salta hosts a large tourism exhibition, where tourist trips are constantly organized.

Perito Moreno Iceberg: An area of ​​about 4 km of ice walls, about 60 meters high, is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions.

Mendoza, this region lies in the foothills of the Andes, where grape farms are heavily spread.

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