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Tourism in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt

نتيجة بحث الصور عن السياحة في مصر

Egypt is one of the most important cultural and political countries in the Middle East, and ancient Egyptian civilization is very famous in different times, which led archaeologists to study ancient monuments scattered in various Egyptian cities. Tourism in Egypt is one of the main branches of the Egyptian economy, Which accounts for 12% of GDP and also contributes significantly to the balance of payments. The tourism sector employs 12% of Egypt's labor force.

Some tourist cities in Egypt
·      Cairo: The city of Cairo is one of the largest Egyptian cities and Cairo is known for its ancient heritage and strategic location. It also features historical monuments where tourists can find museums such as the Egyptian Museum which contains the largest collection of antiquities from the Pharaohs, the Coptic Museum, the Museum of Ceramics, the Railway Museum and the Museum of Agriculture. , And the Islamic monuments can be found many tourists, such as: Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas; the first mosque built in Egypt and Africa, where built by Amr ibn al-Aas in the city of Fustat, Al-Azhar Sharif, and Ibn Tulun Mosque, and the citadel of Salah al-Din, which is the largest War castles built In the Middle Ages.
·    Alexandria: The city of Alexandria is the second largest city after Cairo. It is called the Mediterranean Bride. It is a coastal city. The city of Alexandria has the largest seaport in Egypt, and there are many museums and historical monuments such as Qaitbay Castle, The Palace of the Park, the Ras Al Teen Palace, the Antoniades Palace and the Safa Palace, as well as other historical sites, such as the Roman Theater, the Tomb of Moustafa Full archaeological, tombs Onfusha archaeological, Greek and Roman Museum and the Royal Museum of jewelry.
·  Luxor: The city of Luxor or as it was called the capital of the Pharaohs, was founded in the era of the fourth pharaonic family away from Cairo about 670 km, and because of rich ancient monuments, some archaeologists believe it contains one third of the world's effects, it includes on the eastern side of the River Nile both Temple Luxor, the Karnak Temple, the Kebab Road linking the two temples, and the Luxor Museum. On the western side, it includes the Valley of the Kings, the Monastery of the Sea, the Valley of the Queens, the Monastery of the City, the Temple of Ramosium and the Mamnoun Theater. , And Hatshepsut Temple, it is worth mentioning That there are many mosques in the city of Luxor, such as the Sheikh Al-Hefni Mosque and the Mosque of Abi Al-Hajjaj Al-Aksari, in addition to the many churches in which it was built. The most prominent of these are the Church of the Virgin Mary, the Church of the Archangel Michael, the Church of St. George and the Presbyterian Evangelical Church. The River Nile is one of the most important tourist attractions as well. The river transport provides tourists and residents of the area from the east and west of the city to the city.
·   Aswan: The city of Aswan or as it was called Sono, which means the market, and comes back to call it the center of the convoys coming from Nubia and to it, also called the gold because it was the burial place of the kings Nubia, and is one of the largest cities in Aswan to be its capital, ; The island of Fentine, an island corresponding to Aswan, and on the island there is the temple of Khenum, beside it the Nile scale, the Tomb of the Holy Ram, the Gate of Amenhotep the Second, the Trinity of Satet and Anat. The city also gained a strategic position during the construction of the High Dam under the reign of Gamal Abdel Nasser. Lake Nasser Each containing a huge reservoir of water. The city includes the cemetery of Aghakhan built of limestone and marble, and the Nubia Museum, which contains more than five thousand artifacts from the ancient Nubia, and the most important tourist places; the island of plants, the island of Phila, the Temple of Abu Simbel, Nobles the rulers of Nubia, the Fatimid tombs, and the Temple of Kom Ombo.

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