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Tourism in Russia


The Russian Federation occupies a geographical position of 17,075,400 km² in the northern part of Eurasia and ranks first in the world thanks to its size. It shares borders with a number of countries, including China, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Estonia and Norway. The population of the population of Ukraine is more than 143 million, ranking ninth in terms of population. It is the capital city of Moscow. The latter is also one of the largest cities in the world. in a And Asia and the most prominent tourist areas where.

Economy of Russia

The economy of the Russian state is a progressive and growing economy in recent times. It has started to achieve gains due to the rise in the prices of natural gas and oil, which are its biggest exports. It also leads the export of raw materials and energy exports in various forms. In addition, Russia has a unique manufacturing capacity The economy, the economy, the nuclear weapons industry and nuclear engineering. As a result, its economy ranks ninth among the largest economies in the world. Russia's tourism sector also plays an active role in increasing national income.

Tourism in Russia

Tourism in Russia was able to progress significantly at the end of the Soviet era, with the development of the domestic sector from the beginning, and later to include the foreign sector, due to the great development of the country's heritage of heritage and culture, and the nature of singing varied across the country , And Russia has 23 sites on the World Heritage List. Russia has a significant contribution to the development of domestic tourism and has contributed to the attraction of foreign tourists. The most important things that have helped it: contain its territory on areas of the Arctic, , And Diversity of terrain, as well as vast areas of coasts such as the Black Sea coast and the Baltic Sea.

Tourist areas in Russia

Tourism in Russia has recorded a influx of more than 56.5 million tourists in the year 2017 according to the Russian statistics agency Torstat, which came on the sidelines of the multiplicity of types of tourism in the country between the historical and therapeutic and work, sports and natural and many more, and thus the most important areas:

The tourist coasts, including Yalta and Evpatoria.
Cultural monuments, such as opera and theater.
Historical monuments, including cathedrals, palaces, and museums.
Natural places and reserves.
Sochi, the home of winter sports in Russia.
Altai Mountains, a therapeutic and relaxation area.
Kaliningrad area.
Historic Kazan City.

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