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Walking sport

Exercise helps to build physical fitness as well as acquire the skills necessary to perform it. In addition, it is a source of entertainment for many amateurs and people. The most important benefits of sport are that they maintain human health, prevent many diseases and alleviate the pain of some diseases. Sport helps to burn calories and maintain optimal weight. Walking is one of the most popular and easy to play. It is important to learn about walking and its benefits in addition to how to make it a lifestyle. And finally the fast walking.

Walking sport
Walking is easy and simple and requires no tools except to wear comfortable shoes where it can be practiced in different places at home or in the outdoors. Walking helps relieve tension, anxiety and stress of life, as well as enhance the fitness level, especially in the case of walking fast, Where walking works to strengthen the muscles of the legs, and walking good for beginners where it starts slowly for a short period of time about 5-10 minutes a day to be up to 30 minutes a day to get the body the benefit of walking, it is also possible to add twice a week some strength-building exercises In order to strengthen the muscles of the upper part m N body during walking, fits most people's walking even in case of health problems such as diabetes or heart problems.1)
The benefits of walking
Walking can provide health benefits for people of all ages and different levels of fitness. Walking can prevent many diseases and stimulate a healthy and balanced life. Walking is easy to perform at any time during daily tasks, including walking. The benefits of several of them: 2)
Calorie Burning: Also helps to lose or maintain weight. Calorie burning increases the speed of walking, walking distance and walking at heights.
Strengthen the heart: Walking five days a week for half an hour can reduce about 19% of the risk of coronary heart disease, and reduces the risk of infection with increased duration and distance traveled.
Reduced blood sugar: Walking after meals for a short period of time may help maintain a normal blood sugar level.
Joint pain relief: Walking helps strengthen muscles, supporting joints and relieving pain, and walking helps prevent arthritis.
Enhancing immune function: Walking reduces the incidence of influenza and colds, and can reduce symptoms of the disease.
Increased energy: Walking increases the flow of oxygen to cells across the blood, as well as helps to raise the level of hormones that increase energy, which leads to the feeling of activity.
Improve mood: Improves walking by appreciating self-esteem and reduces stress, depression and anxiety.
How to Make a Sports Walk Within a Lifestyle
Because of the benefits of sports for health, mood improvement and fitness, it is advisable to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week. When walking, you should continue for two and a half hours per week. The walking period should not be less than 10 minutes at a time, , There are several ways to facilitate walking and increase mileage, including the following: 3)
Recording the number of steps or mileage that helps stimulate the person to walk more.
Take a quick walk usually after meals or during rest.
Exercise with friends.
Walk while meeting with a co-worker rather than sitting on the desk.
Choose to walk while doing daily tasks like going to the market.
Walk to work or stop the car at a distance from the work place and follow the walk.
Start walking for a short distance and then gradually increase until walking is a daily habit.
Fast walking
Fast walking helps build fitness, strengthen muscles, improve body health, and increase calorie burning. Here are tips and steps to be taken in order to benefit from fast walking:

Do warm-up exercises for five minutes, such as a rope jump exercise.
Perform muscle stretching exercises such as: leg, thigh, and shoulder muscles.
Place the arms at a 90 degree angle with the body while keeping the back straight.
Place the head upright with the spine looking forward
Open the mouth slightly for the safety of breathing and tighten the abdominal muscles.
Take a step on the heel and then distribute the weight on the entire foot and push forward using the hips.
Swapping hands and legs forward to keep walking in a straight line.
Calming down by gradually slowing the pace until the heartbeat returns to its normal level, extending for 20-30 seconds per muscle.
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