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Walking with bare feet

Walking sport
Many individuals wish to adhere to the regular exercise even if the Tamarinina simple because of its importance in maintaining the health of the body and access to the ideal weight as well as a healthy diet and balanced, and the simplest exercises that can be carried out walking, it does not require special clothes or tools for the performance of add For easy exercise by giving them a share of time almost daily, and it is worth mentioning here that the sport of walking bare feet of great importance must be identified in the follow-up paragraphs next few.

The benefits of walking
Walking can provide a range of benefits if the individual performs them regularly and correctly without laziness or frustration. Access to healthy food items and avoiding unhealthy items is complementary. The benefits of walking are as follows:
It was noted in a study that some participants who played an hour-long exercise daily reduced the effect of weight-enhancing genes and contributed to a half-fold increase compared to others who did not.
Reduces the desire to get large amounts of sugary snacks such as chocolates.
Reduces the risk of breast cancer. In a study, the results showed a 14% reduction in the number of participants who took a minimum of seven hours of exercise each week compared with others who did the same exercise but did not exceed 3 hours per week.
Relieves joint pain by strengthening the muscles supporting it and thus protecting the most vulnerable parts of osteoporosis, namely knees and hips.
The study found that those who walked 20 minutes or more every day and 5 days a week had a 43% lower chance of developing colds and flu. Their symptoms were less effective or shorter. Others practiced it less than once a week.
Walking with bare feet
Walking bare feet is important because it provides a variety of benefits, especially if it has been practiced since childhood and learning to walk, which affects how the child uses the muscles and bones of the foot, and the benefits of walking with bare feet, it helps to: 2)
Provide more opportunities for natural walking.
Control the foot position when you hit the ground.
Relieve pain by improving body awareness, balance and deep sensory reception.
The improvement of the foot mechanism is also associated with the hips, knees and trunk.
Maintain the range of movement of the joints, foot, ankle and strength of internal stability of muscles and ligaments.
Minimize the risk of some deformities that may be caused to the feet by wearing inappropriate shoes such as swelling, toe, etc.
Get stronger muscles for the legs and thus better support for the lower back area.
Damage to walking with bare feet
Many people may not pay attention to the importance of barefoot walking because it is a normal thing that is practiced by the majority on a daily basis. It may be intended to feel comfortable and relaxed after a long day, but it may leave some damage, such as increasing the risk of injury or injury as a result of foot contact with coarse, wet, Dangerous objects such as glass or sharp objects in addition to exposure to bacteria or infection of some health problems, and it is worth mentioning here the importance of consulting the doctor by diabetics who suffer from peripheral neuropathy before taking the practice of walking bare feet to avoid exposure to some 3. Related damages.

Effective exercise
Walking was one of the most effective sports because it activates the blood circulation and helps to burn calories starting from 5-10 minutes at a time and gradually increase to 30 minutes each time, provided that the increase is only 5 minutes and gradually The goal is to prolong the length not to increase speed, and other effective exercise, the following is mentioned: 4)

Exercise: It is one of the exercises that increase the level of fitness and help to lose weight by increasing the intensity of the exercise or the pace of Ttraiwih between 1-2 minutes and then retreat from that for 2-10 minutes and repeat, respectively, depending on the length of the exercise.
Squat Exercise: Targets most muscles such as quadriceps, musculoskeletal muscles, and dorsal muscles.
Bending Exercise: Targets the biceps and the upper part of the back.
Exercise: Targets all target muscles in a squatting exercise. It improves the balance of the body and can be done by taking a big step forward so that the spine is aligned with the front knee bend 90 degrees while keeping the toe balance and dropping the other knee to the ground.
Compression exercise: It is done by directing the body parallel to the ground almost and put the hands wider than the shoulder slightly on the ground as well as the toes and work to reduce and raise the body bend the elbows while maintaining the trunk as stable as possible.
The exercise of grinding the muscles of the abdomen: It is lying on the back completely and that the fingertips touching the bottom of the head from the back and start to be installed bending knees with the lifting of the head and neck and shoulders and the upper part of the body, respectively.
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