Saturday, March 9, 2019

What are the benefits of mountaineering

Mountain climbing is one of the world's most difficult and difficult sports. It requires a lot of physical exercise, bravery, stability and strength. Although it involves risk and physical adventure, climbing is a great pleasure, especially if you are experienced. In this sport, however, this interesting sport may be one of the most dangerous sports that may lead to death or permanent fractures or physical deformities as a result of direct fall from high areas. In this article we will talk about the most important benefits of mountain climbing physical and psychological.

Benefits of mountaineering
There is no doubt that the sport of mountain climbing comes back with many physical and psychological benefits of the climber, which can be observed by the athlete after practicing for a period of time and the most important benefits of the body:

Maintain cardiovascular health and protect it from heart problems such as strokes and the like.
Promote the activity of blood circulation in the body as a result of repeated upsurges, leading to improved performance of various vital organs.
Improve the athlete's blood pressure and stabilize it within normal rates.
Maintain the normal sugar level in the body.
Increase bone density, strengthen it and prevent its fragility.
Muscle growth in general and increase its strength especially in the areas of the thighs, legs and hips.
Enhance the general fitness of the body and get a supple and flexible body.
Burn excess calories and maintain the ideal weight and eliminate obesity.
Balancing mental and physical abilities; they need a balance between thinking about how to move and doing them in time.
Psychological impact of mountaineering
The effects of mountain climbing on the psyche's psyche reflect many aspects of spirituality that are useful in his daily life in other areas. Mountain climbing achieves psychological goals such as:

Improve your mood, feel good, and get rid of the feelings of depression by escaping the routine and stress of life through this exciting sport.
To promote a range of good behaviors and ethics such as patience, tolerance, hardship and courage.
Enjoy nature, mountain views and trees away from cars, closed houses, computers and smart phones.
Learn how to reach goals in life through the experience of mountain-climbing design, diligence and perseverance to achieve it.
Create more friendships with people who love the sport.

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