Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What are the benefits of practicing Pilates exercises?

What are the benefits of practicing Pilates exercises?

Full Body Fitness
This sport helps to develop all parts of the body, in an integrated manner, without neglecting each other, focusing on strengthening muscle strength, balance development, flexibility, increasing the range of joint movement and relying mainly on the use of breathing and mind, To provide an integrated fitness level difficult to obtain through other exercises.

Adaptable to many levels of fitness and needs
This sport is compatible with all stages, whether the person is experienced or a beginner in training, focusing on building the core strength and on the proper alignment of body and mind in a way that suits all individual needs.

Helps create power
Pilates does not build muscles for display, but rather toning muscles to maintain body consistency and facilitate movement in life.

Increased flexibility
Pilates increases the length and stretch of muscles, expands the range of joints, and increases flexibility.

Development of core power
These exercises strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back, pelvis, which is the main axis of the movement, the body pillar, with the possibility of the neck and shoulders remain in a relaxed state, and release the rest of the muscles and joints, to do their work.

Enhance shape
The Pilates sport improves the consistency of body shape and trains it to strength and harmony.

Increase energy
The more people practice Pilates, the more energy they feel, so breathing helps to move the blood circulation, stimulate the spine, muscles, and increase the feeling of good people in the exercise.

Promotes weight loss
The practice of Pilates regularly changes the shape of the body by creating a longitudinal form of muscles, giving a smaller look, starting with burning fat, to rely on breathing while exercising, improving muscle strength and moving more easily.

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