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What are the benefits of walking before eating?

Walking sport
Walking is one of the most important and easy to play at any time and place. Despite the simplicity of the sport, its regularity is due to many benefits for the body, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, bone and muscle strengthening, Increased weight and focus, and improved memory. Exercise also contributes to weight loss. Recent medical studies suggest that the most appropriate time for weight loss is to walk before eating. This article will talk about the benefits of walking before eating and the benefits of walking to the body in general.

Benefits of walking before eating
The best time for walking is before eating. After eating, the first parts of the digestive system begin to work by secretion of digestive enzymes. During this time, most of the blood in the body is directed to the digestive system for digestion and absorption. Walking after eating will be directed to the blood to the ends of the body, which impedes the process of digestion, so prefer not to exert effort after eating, and the benefits of walking before eating:

When you walk half an hour before eating, this will exhaust your body's energy supply, which will consume fat directly in the meal and turn it into energy, thereby reducing the amount of fat stored and burning calories better.
According to a medical study conducted in 2006, those who exercise before eating, their bodies burn more fat than those who exercise after eating, so the most important benefits of walking before eating increase fat burning and thus lose weight.
Improves breathing efficiency and reduces postnatal dyspnea.
Lower blood sugar level.
Limit high blood pressure after eating.
Benefits of walking to the body
Walking is one of the most important sports that must be practiced and not neglected and a minimum of one hour a day, and apart from the importance of walking and its role in reducing excess weight and burning fat has proven the role of walking in helping to treat some mental and physical diseases, and the most important benefits of walking to the body:

Reduce cancer incidence.
Works to improve bone health especially the femur.
Increases fitness and body ability to withstand difficult conditions.
Reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol.
Recent studies have shown that regular walking helps prevent Alzheimer's disease.
Improves heart, lung and blood vessel health.

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