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What are the coastal plains

The geography of the earth is divided into two subdivisions of mountains, plains, valleys and valleys. The terrain is described in each geographical area under the influence of a combination of factors such as elevation and regression. For example, the plains are geographically referred to as low and low One that is as flat as possible to be closer to the diagrams than the height to completely exceed the description of the plateau or hills or mountains and the like, and is indicated that the plains have the ability to grow more easily than other areas of fertility often, will be addressed to the most important types of plains This is my article under the title What are the coastal plains.

Coastal Plains
It is possible to answer the question of what is the coastal plains, which is the geographical area of ​​the coastal area, and the more it descends the closer it is to the sea. This type of plains can extend to the lower part of the sea, sometimes forming a floor or a base for the sea. The topographical information confirms that the Swahili plains take their characteristics according to the nature of the sediments that contributed to their formation; they may be continental, marine, or organic. facet.

Shall be the coastal plains
The coastal plains begin to form concurrently with the start of the land by moving and moving on the margins of the low level of water in the sea. This contributes to the increase of the open plains area and the decline and decline of the water area. Among the most famous and important types are the coasts of the Adriatic Sea extending from the Yugoslav region of Istre The southern part of the Italian River Delta Bo, and is the eastern coastal plain in the Indian Plateau, which extends to more than 1500 km is very important.

Coastal Plains Categories
Despite the unity of the underlying cause behind the emergence of the coastal plain, but there are several classifications can be seen under the influence of factors and also influential in the inception, and the most important of these classifications:

Coastal function: The reason for its existence is the high proportion of continental sediments above the surface of coastal waters and close to the estuaries of the Great Rivers, including the Nile Delta and the Mississippi Delta.
River estuaries: This type is characterized by low level of plains below the high tide level at the mouth of the river, such as the shores of the Gulf of Chesapeake.
Lemon coasts: This type of spread is often spread over the Black Sea coast, especially in the North and West.
The coasts of the barges and the sandy islands are among the most common species under this item, accounting for 13% of the total of this type of plains.
The coasts of the marshes are characterized by the abundance of plants that have the miraculous ability to withstand the most difficult conditions such as salinity.

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