Sunday, March 17, 2019

What are the disadvantages of muscle proteins?

About the harmful muscle proteins
Many bodybuilders use certain types of proteins that work on muscle growth in a large and fast manner. Often, the increase is beyond the normal limits of the muscle. This is not useful. What is muscle protein? What are muscles?

What are muscles?
The muscles form 40% of the body weight. It is responsible for the strength and movement of the body. It gives the body its general shape. The movement of the muscles is not limited to the internal parts of the body. It works on the internal movement of the organs. All muscles work in the body. In the same way, it is constriction and extinction. All muscles in the body, whether large or small, are made up of stretchy tissue or fibers. The number of these tissues depends on the size of the muscle. The length of the tissue is 40 millimeters. These tissues are formed from small nerves containing nerves to provide orders the movement.

What types of muscles?
The muscles are divided into three types: skeletal muscles, which form the outer part of the body. These muscles are located on all parts of the skeleton. They are responsible for the entire body's external movement, giving it its shape, and the heart muscles. But in the heart, which are the muscles responsible for the heartbeat, which works to pump blood to the rest of the body, and the last type of muscle is smooth, which is the body part of the body, and most of these muscles involuntary, and the best example Gastrointestinal muscles that transport food from the esophagus to the stomach and intestines.

What are the disadvantages of muscle proteins?
- All proteins assigned to bodybuilding contain amino acids that help the muscle to grow above its normal limit

Muscle proteins contain some of the most harmful compounds in the body.

- Such proteins affect visual health.

- Proteins work on the imbalance of the proportion of hormones in the body increase or decrease.

In certain cases and with the use of muscle-specific routines, men may become infertile due to atrophy in the testes.

- The incidence of high blood pressure due to different levels of hormones in the body.

- Cause problems for both liver and kidneys.

- Lead to osteoporosis and some mental disorders.

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