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What are mountain climbing tools

the sport of mountain climbing
Moutaineering is one of the most exciting sports, which is different from other sports with a spirit of challenge, adventure and thrill. Mountain climbing is one of the oldest sports that started with the aim of building temples and studying meteorology and then is practiced for entertainment, excitement and adventure. Organizing trips to various regions for mountain climbing, and in this article will talk about mountain climbing tools and the most important benefits of this sport.

Mountain climbing tools
Be sure to prepare well for mountain climbing; get full pleasure while climbing, by preparing all the mountain climbing tools that include the necessary clothing and equipment as well as food. The most important mountain climbing tools are:

Ropes, a basic tool in mountain climbing tools, must acquire a strong and sturdy climbing rope and bear heavy weights.
The head helmet, one of the most important mountain climbing tools; it protects the head from any hit or collision rocks, and be careful to acquire a helmet light and strong.
Goggles for eye protection.
Oxygen receptacle.
Climbing shoes, climbing sports rely mainly on the hands and feet, so you should acquire a lightweight, comfortable and flexible sports shoes.
Gloves, which aim to hold the cord without causing any harm to the hand, in addition to maintaining the temperature of the hand and isolate it from water and air factors.
A light and strong tent with wind and various weather conditions.
Sleep bag, must be selected so that it is light and strong and can isolate the surrounding cold.
Be careful to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around.
A small stove for fire, in addition to food and tools such as: cups, plugs and containers, preferably plastic.
Water bottles are adequate.
A shovel, saw and map of the area.
Time to see the time.
Battery powered projector lamp.
Primary Ambulance Tools.
Benefits of mountaineering
Although mountaineering is a difficult and serious sport, it has many benefits to both the person's psychological state, muscle strength, and vital organ health. The most important benefits of mountain climbing:

Loss of excess weight, during half an hour of mountain climbing is burned 370 calories.
Maintain fitness and strengthen muscles.
Promotes blood circulation in the body due to continuous movement during climbing.
Strengthen bones and increase their density.
Improve cardiovascular health and reduce high blood pressure.
Improve mental health and treat depression.

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