Friday, March 22, 2019

What are the sports damage before bedtime?

About sports damage before bedtime
It is certainly useful for all age groups. It is the source of activity for the body, through which the body is nourished by energy and flexibility. It also protects the body members from the risk of some diseases, but it has all the benefits and damage of it. Sport turns into practices that affect human health in a negative way, making it harmful and useless, especially if exercise is done before bedtime. What is sport? What are the effects of sports before bedtime?

What is sport?
Sport is an ordinary physical effort or skill for the purpose of entertainment, competition, pleasure, excellence, skills development or self-confidence. Sports has been practiced in all forms and forms, but there are times when it is not necessary to exercise.

What are the sports damage before bedtime?
It is certain that the sport is very useful, but according to some reports turn to the wrong practices that would damage and fatigue in the human body. These studies confirmed that exercise before bedtime in a short time has a negative impact on the person.

- Sports before sleep affects the muscles with extreme stress.

- Accompany the person practicing the sport with some muscle-related pain.

- Sleep becomes more difficult because of the intense fatigue accompanying the pain.

- Cause exhaustive sleep sleep intermittent.

- Give a sense of activity and vitality which affects sleep.

- Sports before sleep makes you feel hungry and thirsty.

Does sleeping before exercise affect weight?
The effect of sport on body weight varies from person to person. Some people when they exercise before going to sleep feel very hungry and eat food before going to sleep, which leads to a gradual increase in body weight without attention, and others and after exercise do not want to eat and this works on Burning fat without compensation and thus losing weight does not increase, in other words if accompanied by exercise, it increases weight, especially before sleep and vice versa.

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