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What are the types of operating systems

Operating system partitions
Operating systems are divided into two parts:

Multitasking systems: systems that can perform more than one operation at a time, and more than one user in the use of software and applications on the computer.
Single-task systems: systems that allow only one operation and one user to use software and applications on a computer.
Operating system tasks
Operating systems are an important and essential part and are divided into multiple tasks.

A section is loaded and installed in the device memory and is done when the system starts.
The second section works on how to access central services and applications, such as hard drive access, and task scheduling.
Types of operating systems
There are many types of operating systems, each system features and characteristics characterized by, and these types are:
Operating system MS-DO
This system runs command-line commands directly, which is a single-tasked, and is the core of Microsoft.

Linux operating system

It is one of the most widespread and widely used systems, an open source system.
Its use is simple and easy, it has a beautiful graphical interface, and has many different versions, it has high protection, and is safe when using it.
Windows Operating System (Windows)

 Is one of the most popular and most popular operating systems for Microsoft Corporation.
This system began operation in 1985.
Started by a graphical panel help in writing commands in the DOS system.
Microsoft launched in 1995 an independent operating system called Windows 95, and in 1998 the company launched a new version called Windows 98.
Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, and Windows 10 were finally released.
Windows is the most widely used operating system because of its easy and simple system.
Mac OS X
The system is dedicated to Apple Macintosh devices, a non-free system

Haiku operating system
A free Linux-like operating system, used for personal use, easy and fast-paced.

Chrome OS

It depends on Linux kernel and depends on Google Chrome system and applications.
Made specifically to run ChromeBooks devices.
MENUET operating system
It does not need space to run only 1.44 MB of hard drive space.

EComStation system

The system was created by Microsoft and IBM, and later became IBM's successor after Microsoft relinquished it.
The system is not free and little use.

A web-based system for protection, encryption, privacy and confidentiality.
It uses a browser called Tor to protect this system.

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